#42 It’s OK to Pee Your Pants, If It’s For a Good Reason

There are very few things that excite me to the point of pants-peeing. Now E will attest, I almost pee my pants about 4 times a day, but that is because of sneezing, laughing fits, or just plain forgetting I have to pee until it’s almost too late; not from SHEER EXCITEMENT.

Well, Wednesday May 11, 2011 an event occurred that caused that level of excitement. I mean on a scale of one to ten, this was an eleventeen (that’s my dad’s favorite number)!

What was this event? What was this wonderful, magical, amazing, EXCITING thing?!?!!?!


{Flashback} Almost a full month ago I saw this post on The Knotty Bride. This post made me want a lot of things, like a farm, some pie, and a candy apple. Then I saw the video at the bottom of the post. The video was created by Travis from Serendipity Studios, a husband and wife, video and photography dream team. Game over boys and girls. It was love at first site. I didn’t even know I wanted wedding video, but now I had to have it. (Vimeo link to just the video)

E and I talked and talked and talked it over. The budget was set. We only had three months to go. There was just no way we could make it work. I kept begging and pleading. I would hit play on a new video every time E walked in the door from work. After two weeks. I admitted defeat and stopped trying. Then, a crazy thing happened, E said,

“I was thinking about video.”


“And I was thinking… We can make more money. We can’t make another wedding day. We only get one shot. You should have everything you want.”

Did you die? Cause I died. Then I started crying. Then I felt horribly guilty that I was spending all this money. So we searched and searched through dozens of videographers. But as the song goes, “nothing compares…. to Travisssss” (that’s how it goes right?) It wasn’t an easy decision for E to make, it is a good bit of money, but yesterday he said yes (and I quickly signed a contract before he could change his mind.)

So I am officially titling myself the luckiest girl alive. I get to work with Travis and I am going to get the wedding video of my DREAMS.

PS. Your wedding video lasts foreverrrrrr. If you divide the cost of a wedding video by FOREVERRRRR it’s really not that expensive!! Try that one when you fall in love with Travis’ work and your FI says no. Lemme know if it works for you.

Did you have video at your wedding? I’m now obsessed with watching wedding videos, so send me a little linky-poo to your work of art so I can watch it too! If you’re on the hunt for a videographer, call Travis. If he’s busy, there’s also a new Wedding Video page on Style Me Pretty. (And obv if you need a photographer call Candice.)

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8 thoughts on “#42 It’s OK to Pee Your Pants, If It’s For a Good Reason

  1. Girl, I am so happy for you and so glad I could make make your day by becoming the cinematographer for your wedding. Can I just say … that you have made MY day today? Cuz you have. Most people will never know how demanding and difficult my job really is, and the greatest reward I can ever receive is to get to work with someone who loves and appreciates what I do. That means more than anything else. So thank you, and thank you “E”. d;-) You guys have made MY day and MY week and I seriously can’t wait to film your wedding and blow you guys away. July 4th cannot get here fast enough now. d;-)

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