#106 | My Married Lady Wedding Dress Dilemma!

Can we talk about my wedding dress for a sec? Remember that pic of it hanging in our window the morning of our wedding?

Here, this one:

Look how pretty, and more importantly, how clean it looks.

I’m about to admit something that I know might get me a lot of flack, but I’m hoping we’re in the trust tree here and I can say things freely without being judged.

I haven’t gotten my dress cleaned.

I literally haven’t done ANYTHING with my dress.

I took it off on our wedding night, laid it gently on top of my petticoat in the corner of our room, and then never touched it again. Yes I got married July 4th. Yes it’s been more than seven months. YES. I KNOW.

I don’t know what my problem is. I’m like terrified to touch it. I feel frozen. What do I do with it? Sure I get it cleaned. But then what? I can’t frame it in my closet like Adrienne Maloof.

And although I’d love to donate it, I have lofty dreams of a stunning day after shoot, so I’m not ready to hand it over just yet.

Oh and just for the record, my dress is dirty. Like wedding on a red sandy beach dirty.

So I’m begging you for help. Smack me out of it. Tell me what to do. Please?

Ps. Am I alone in this? Surely there must be someone else just staring at their dirty dress begging for the answer to just magically appear.